Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

What a beautiful Easter Sunday. The sun was out and the mountains were glowing. Our morning began when Gavin climbed into our bed. We woke Reagan and immediately the kids started noticing eggs scattered through the house. After gathering armfuls of plastic eggs they eventually found the baskets left by the Easter Bunny. Aside from the chocolate and other goodies bubble guns and "magic eggs" were a huge hit. After a wonderful breakfast and several chocolate items we dressed for church and headed out the door. We appreciated the thought and preparation our teachers presented for this special day. The spirit was overflowing through the church. After our meeting we headed to a friends house for egg coloring and a great Mexican dinner. The kids were able to go on another egg hunt that produced more candy than we can consume in the next lifetime. We made our way home and the entire family was exhausted from our eventful day. The kids fell asleep early and Jon headed for bed (the night shift takes it's toll) leaving a quiet house, full bellies, and happy memories. These are a few pics from our wonderful Easter.


The Zamora Family said...

WOW!! Go Momma!!! You are so good to have a blog for everyone!!! Your kids are getting so big! How is AK?

Gus said...

Sabrina... I enjoyed looking at your pictures! All of them! I have to say though-the picture of the apartment in Saint Anthony brought back a flood of memories-even made me crave Jon's cheesecake that he used to make.. or was it you??? Either way, it was yummy. Those were good times in those apartments! I copied the picture to our computer, I really doubt we have a picture of the first place Bec and I lived when we were newly-weds... THANK YOU!!!

Tell Jon I said hello!

Graves said...

It was MY cheesecake hahaha. Glad you remembered it. I actually found several pics online. I googled the addresses. We miss that tiny apartment and livning so close to you guys. I hope your family is doing well.