Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yes, we are just getting around to sharing our Easter details. Things have been a little hectic lately with Jon's schedule, church callings, life... oh, and did we mention the anticipation of our newest family member? Nope, she isn't here yet, but soon... very soon.

Our Easter activities started on Saturday morning. Jon volunteered to help set-up so we headed to Hangar 5 for the base egg hunt. They do things a little differently in the Air Force. Rather than hide eggs, they simply dump boxes with hundreds of plastic colored eggs on the floor of an airplane hangar. When the bull horn blows, the kids are released and chaos begins.

Jon plans his strategies very carefully. He consults with the kids to make sure they know "the plan". I think he is worried we won't have enough candy. We ended up with a surplus of eggs so we gave some to other kids who were less fortunate. Apparently the strategy worked a little too well. Here are pics from the egg hunt.

After the base festivities we headed to a friends house for more fun. The kids decorated eggs, went on another egg hunt (which produced even MORE candy), and had a great dinner. We headed home with some exhausted kids and hit the sack.

Sunday morning we rushed downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny left in our baskets. Not only was there candy (like we really needed more), but all sorts of great things. Reagan had a cupcake decorating kit, a coloring book, umbrella and a wii (which she refers to as the "wii-d") wheel. Gavin had a coloring book, umbrella, cars, a movie and a wii wheel. After a great breakfast we headed to church.

We returned home ready to eat. After lunch we worked on a cupcake project. Reagan was able to use her new kit and we created cute little baskets. We dyed a few more eggs and made sure we were completely sugared out. It was a great weekend that not only allowed us to enjoy family time, but also to reflect on our Savior and the sacrifice he made for each of us. We hope you had a great Easter with the opportunity to reflect on why we celebrate this day. Hopefully our next post will be filled with more excitement and good news. We love you all and miss you!


Luke and Katie said...

FUN!! Looks like you had a great Easter and got tons of stuff! Sorry your baby girl wasn't there to help add to the celebration, but HOPEFULLY she'll come pretty soon!

Jeremy and Sherri said...

OK so I am posting on your blog - hope you don't mind - blog hopping is great!!Your kids look so cute and from facebook I see that you were having your baby today!! congrats and hope all went well!!!