Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family and Fun - Part 1

The past two weeks have been filled with family and fun. My dad was the first to arrive and we made use of the little time he could spare. The week started off with a hike to Flat Top.

We went sightseeing around base and Anchorage, worked on projects for our yard, watched movies, and enjoyed each other's company. Early Saturday morning Jon's parents arrived. We went to the Sour Dough Mining Company. How many times can you say you ate grub in an old mine?

We shopped and checked out the reindeer before filling our bellies with a good ole' fashioned dinner. Let's not forget the 2000+ lb chocolate waterfall that had all of us licking our lips. Afterwards, we headed home to prepare for early morning church.

The blessing was beautiful and given with love. It was so special to have both grandfathers and close friends in the circle for this ordinance.

After church we held a luncheon for all our friends and family. The turnout was better than we expected and nearly everyone we invited showed up. This was the most amazing day for several reasons; not only was the weather gorgeous, but it's the first time we have been with family in 2 years! The food was good but the conversation was better. Thanks to everyone for your friendship and support! We appreciate everyone who helped out.

Monday the boys headed out for a special Father's Day treat. They went on an aerial tour and not only experienced Anchorage from above, but also glaciers, wildlife, and breath taking scenery. When they returned we heard nothing but excitement from everyone but Jon (who apparently tossed a few cookies). We took a stroll around the dog park and tried to ward off all the mosquitoes. This was also a sad day because my Dad had to return home. We hope he had as much fun as we did.

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