Monday, August 31, 2009


This past week left us wondering, what happened to summer? Is it really gone? Things have already started to pile up. Our laid back, lazy summer days are long gone. BOTH Reagan and Gavin started school on Tuesday. So far they are enjoying it (lets hope the trend continues).

Reagan is in 1st grade and her teacher is a newbie, Mr. VonGemingegen (that's a mouthful). Gavin is doing part-day preschool Mon-Thursday just down the road.

In addition to school, they started gymnastics on Thursday evenings. I can't brag enough about this place. Where else can an energetic 4 yr. old hang from a 15 foot pole and drop into a foam block pit? What 6 yr. old wouldn't love to jump on a massive trampoline or springboard onto a ginormous mat? Seriously, I want to go to class.

Jon is working hard and I am still taking classes at UAA. The house seems quiet with just Addie and I, but I am hoping to use the time productively. With school, gymnastics, work, church callings, and our online store we are definitely keeping busy. At least we won't have time to be bored...

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