Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break!

For years I never understood why parents loathed breaks such as Spring Break, Christmas Break, or even the summer between school years. Now I understand... the constant bickering and arguing. This has never really been an issue for our family, UNTIL NOW. I love having my kids home with me. I love spending time with them. I even plot ways to keep them home from school. Now I am at my wits end trying to keep the peace and end wars. WHAT HAS HAPPENED to my CHILDREN? If we all survive this it will be a miracle. In an effort to keep our home a "happy" one we are trying to find activities for the rest of the week. If you have any suggestions let me know. Jon took the kids to Fur Rondy, we went to Arctic Oasis, and tomorrow is looking like a great museum day. Hopefully you are enjoying your Spring Break :)

In addition to caring for the previously mentioned three *delightful* (insert any antonym) children and trying to maintain a clean home, my business has really taken off. I have been working like crazy. Provided I manage my time efficiently, this is AWESOME. If you were wondering about the pic, it's Addie reminding me to let "come what may and LOVE it". Jon has been working hard, providing for our family. He (like the rest of us) can’t wait for the snow to disappear so we can dive into all the summer activities we love. Until next time…

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Kirsten said...

I'm glad we aren't quite there yet, a few more years and I'll totally be there with you!