Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Bee's

Lately it feels like we are moving in super-sonic speed. This summer was a wet one which deterred many of our plans. We still manged to go camping, rent a paddle boat, and hit a few trails. If you are on FB, you probably already know all the details. If not, here is the readers digest version:

Moose, there are LOTS of moose in Alaska. This year we've seen quite a few black bear too.

This was our cabin... we could hear the wolves howl every night.

and the paddle boat on Otter Lake

We hit the Crow Creek Mine, and Winner Creek Trail - highly recommended!

If you go on the hike, beware of dogs with a bad attitude or you could get one of these...

That sucker lasted 3 weeks. Jon also had an "adventure" with the scouts. They canoed for almost a week
straight with nothing but their packs.

we attended the Arctic Thunder Air Show

my business has been growing like crazy... I'm much busier than I expected

We celebrated a few birthday's, had several bbq's, stayed up late, ate too many smores, biked, hiked, and soaked up every spare minute of sunshine. Even though the summer felt short, we tried to make the most of it. Now the kids are in school and Jon and I will be soon. Bring on the fall!

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