Friday, May 3, 2013

     It's that time of year when everyone is ready for school to be out. The kids are ready for a break and I'm ready to sleep in and enjoy summer. With dance competitions, science fair projects, school finals, and construction... we are worn out. This past year we have made quite a few changes to our home. Aside from painting and putting in closets we have removed carpet, added cabinetry to my office, ripped out stair railing and replaced it with wrought iron, added lighting, and had the back yard landscaped (still not quite done). We still have a lengthy list of items to do in the next few years. It feels more like home every day. 

     August 9th, Duke joined our family. He is a sweetheart and we will miss him for 2 months while he attends a hunting course in Idaho. He will be ready to point, flush, and retrieve birds just in time for hunting season. We are hoping to make 3 trips to Idaho this year. Gavin will be baptized in July so working around that will be tricky. Other than a few trips north, we are hoping to take it easy this year. 

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