Sunday, June 1, 2008


When you have the privilege of spending the summer in Alaska, you must embrace the great outdoors. Camping is something Jon and I loved before our kids were around. I am a wee bit paranoid (fire, rivers, wild animals... the list goes on). Jon convinced me that we could go, have a great time and above all survive. Most people who camp here are smart enough to have an R-V. Not the Graves, nope, we roughed it. The last time we set our tent up was 2002. I kept reminding Jon how small our tent was. He kept assuring me everything would be fine. We arrived at our campsite around 4pm on Friday. Jon had the tent set up by 4:30 and came to the conclusion that our tent was indeed too small. Determined to make the best of it we started our fire and had delicious tin-foil dinners, hot dogs and of course SMORES! Daylight is a tricky thing here. The days are long in the summer and the sun begins to set around 11pm. Most the pictures taken were at 6am or 10pm and you can see how light it is. Once we finally got the kids to sleep (near midnight) we woke to the blinding morning rays. I asked Jon what time it was... only 4:30 AM. Well, we tried to go back to sleep and finally got up around 6. The forecast showed a chance of rain so we packed up early and were home by 9. Even though it was a short trip, it was fun. We made memories our family will forever cherish. Hopefully next time we can do it in a larger tent. Here are pics from our latest adventure.


Howard/Lamont Family said...

Ooohhh...the trees are so green and so pretty. I miss having scenery. It looks so fun.

angryyoungwoman said...

Your family is so cute! The kids are growing so fast. I want to see some pictures of you, though, Sabrina. I'm glad that you had fun.

KELLS said...

I can't believe how big your Kids are getting. You guys look great. I miss camping. I camped all last summer at Girls Scouts Camp I worked at last year in Utah. I hope you are great. You guys look great. Kells