Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fishing 101

Fishing is the "Thing To Do" in Alaska. Tourists and Locals are obsessed. After Jon twisting my arm for months, he finally convinced me to go. The kids were ecstatic to get their own poles and "catch some fish". Well, we opted to stay on base (rules can be pretty strict on what/when/where you can fish) and headed to the lodge lake. Right next to it is a great playground and rental boats. Jon instructed the kids on how to cast and reel in the line. We didn't bring any bait and the fact that rubber fish are attached to the ends of the kid poles hindered our ability for a real catch. After half an hour the kids were ready to hit the playground. As you can see from the pics the weather was perfect. This summer blue skies and sunshine have been rare to say the least. We had been playing at the playground for about 5 minutes when all the sudden it started to pour. The sun was still shinning and we got soaked. We ended our day and made a break for the car. Even though our day was cut short, it was still fun while it lasted. Here are the pics from our latest adventure.

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Elizabeth C said...

My hubby likes to fish too, and we often go as a family. My kids enjoy it too. It's fun just to be with them for me, but I have caught the occasional fish. But I don't think that I enjoy it as much as my boys do!