Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gavin has begged all year long to "climb a mountain". Jon pointed out we couldn't climb the mountains because they had snow on them. This didn't deter Gavin in the least. He continued pleading until all the snow was melted and Jon ran out of excuses. Well, we finally "climbed the mountain". This particular hike is called Flat Top. There were quite a few hikers and dogs which was a nice change. Thinking that Gavin had his hopes set high... maybe too high, we borrowed a backpack. We were certain he would tire out long before we reached the top. WE COMPLETELY UNDERESTIMATED HIM! He was the little engine that could. Not only did he walk all but the first 5 min. (when he whinned to get out of the pack) but he didn't complain once. Every time we tried to head back he pushed us to finish what we started. He was a trooper. This was the opposite of his 5 year old sister. Reagan whinned and complained the ENTIRE time. Her feet hurt, she was tired, she had to pee... it never ended. Funny how sometimes your kids surprise you. Here are pictures from our adventure.

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Charley & Jessica said...

Your family is SO sweet! I just found your blog and thought I'd say hello! We're fellow Alaskan bloggers... It's always fun to find neat people right here near home! :)

I saw a few posts down that you guys went to the airshow. Wasn't that awesome!? We went too, and had a blast. Anyways, stop by our blog sometime if you like. I just enjoy finding new friends on here, so I thought I'd say hi! :)

Have a great day!