Thursday, August 7, 2008


As you may have noticed, our page hasn't been updated lately. Jon finally took some much needed time off. We have hiked trails, climbed mountains, been sightseeing and still have big plans for this weekend. Bear (pun intended) with me as I try to bring you up to speed. We decided to pay a visit to the Eagle River Nature Center. This is not only a great place for hiking but you can learn all about salmon cycling (similar to a hatchery) and enjoy the majesty of Alaskan wildlife. In case you wondered... yes, we were in bear country... and yes, we were completely unprepared. Jade is very good at alerting us but the entire time we were hiking bears were on our mind. In several areas we were the only humans in sight. We found out a week after we were there, a woman was mauled by a grizzly in the same area. She is in critical condition and hopefully will recover. Let's just say we won't be going back without firearms. Gotta love Alaska. Here are pics from our day in the country.

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Luke and Katie said...

yikes! glad that you had jade with you! Seriously, that would've scared the crap outta me!