Friday, August 8, 2008

Birthday Bash

The birthday bash started 2 years ago when we combined Reagan and Gavin's birthday party. Reagan's birthday is June 12th and Gavin's is July 12th. Rather than plan 2 parties a month apart and invite the same kids to more than one party, we opted to simplify. We still do a small celebration (cake/ice cream) at home on the actual birth date. This has worked so well it's become tradition. Chuck E. Cheese was the location of this years festivities. Although it was loud and there were a million kids... the party went very well. It was fun to see everyone running from one game to the next collecting their tokens. All our Alaskan friends were able to attend and it was a party we will never forget. Here are some pics from the special day.


Howard/Lamont Family said...

Happy Birthday!! How fun. Does Julie have a blog???

Graves said...

I don't think she does. I passed your info. her way though.