Saturday, October 31, 2009

Smok'n Hot!

This Halloween started off with a bang! Jon was a smok'n hot detective from the 70's

I was his partner

Reagan went as "Super-Girl" and Gavin was "Spider-Man"

Our ward had a great Halloween Party complete with a Carnival and Trunk-or-Treat. The kids scored so much candy they could barely lift their pumpkins.

With the assistance of the Moses Family we created a "Balloon Room" for the little kids. It was a huge hit.

Who doesn't love a great big set of wax lips?

You may be wondering, where is Addie?
Well, Bat-Girl was tuckered out for most of the festivities.

just as things were wrapping up...

somebody woke up

All in all... a GREAT night!


Shari Davis said...

Love it!!!! You guys look totally fab, as usual!!!!

The Graves Family said...

Thanks Shari. We had a blast. How are the kids holding up?

Anonymous said...

i would keep the disguises anything is better than a bun of crazy red heads right lol