Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lots going on...

On the 2nd we were out for an evening walk and that's when things got crazy. Reagan and Gavin were taking turns on the Razor, I was pushing Addie in the stroller, and Jon was walking Jade. We noticed a large lab mix off leash and made a mental note (this is a BIG deal on base). The dog came over to us, sniffed Jade, she sniffed him, and everything seemed fine. Jon started to walk away with Jade when for no reason the other dog snapped. Before we had time to respond he locked his jaw on Jade's head and threw her to the ground. I ran over and tried to help Jon pry the dog off Jade. She was yelping for help. I was punching and kicking the dog as hard as I could (he didn't flinch) and Jon was trying to pull him off. In the mix Jon's knuckles were bloodied up and Jade was bleeding pretty badly. The owner came out to see what was going on. After calling security forces and taking the kids to a friend's house we rushed Jade to the Emergency Clinic. They had to knock her out in order to stitch her up. She was in a lot of pain, but has been healing quite well.

Over the week Gavin started to get sick. He was coughing so hard he nearly threw up. Friday we had to take Jade back to the vet. She managed to open some of her sutures. Luckily they were able to just glue it shut. Armed with the Cone-of-Shame, we returned home. Addie caught the bug next. This particular bug included noses that POUR and have a disabled shut-off valve. Before long Reagan and Jon were hacking.

Sunday... ah, Sunday. After another night of no sleep (thanks to a so-snotty-she-can't-breathe Addie), 3 sick kids, a sick hubby, and a recovering dog, I was not expecting a great Mother's Day. Jon really is the best husband. He gave me flowers, let me nap, cleaned the house, cooked, made an amazing cake (pics to come), and made sure I felt loved. This poor man looked like death. It was a great day despite all the challenges.

On to Monday. Addie is at that age... you know, the age where she wants to be independent and get into everything. Yesterday she was pulling herself up on a chair when she lost her footing and whacked her head right on the corner of the chair. Yup, my 1yr. old has a black eye (also pics to come). On a side-note, she has taken 8 steps consecutively and is determined to walk. Crawling is so last week. Well hopefully you survived this long picture-less post. If time allows I'll get some pics up soon. Until next time!


Luke and Katie said...

HOLY COW! Your weeks has been crazy! Is everyone starting to feel better? Yay for addie walking--mac is starting to walk too. I am both sad and glad..one of those mixed emotions.
Also, did the dog's owner have to put her down? I can't believe that happened..I am so sorry to hear about Jade and hope that she heals soon!

Bridgette said...

I am so sorry. What a rough time. I hope your dog heals up quickly and that awful sickness passes soon.

The Graves Family said...

Everyone is doing better. I don't know how I lucked out... but the bug didn't "bite" me :) Addie is walking very well. It's definitely bitter-sweet.

The owner didn't have her dog put down. We were initally told they would, but a week later when I dropped the vet bill off to her, the dog was still there (mixed feelings about that one). Jade is healing. She will be much better when the cone can stay off permanently.

Thanks for your concern... hopefully this week is much less eventful.