Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WARNING - Picture overload!

Where to start... Addie has turned into quite the sneaky little child. I am constantly finding her "hiding".  More than once I've been looking for her and opened a cabinet door to see THIS...
Thursday was the last day of school for both Reagan and Gavin. On Wednesday Reagan's class had a party. Here is a pic of her class at Orion Elementary.
Reagan and her 1st grade teacher Mr. VonGemmingen
Addie and her new fav. trick (waving)
We are so excited to start the SUMMER! As an early birthday gift Reagan and Gavin got a trampoline. This has already been so much fun. I love that I can send them outside to play and they have something to do (that will wear them out).
As promised, here is a pic of Jade with her cone of shame.
She is doing much better and we are ALL grateful the cone is gone! You will have to wait on the other pics I promised. Sorry, but time is short and I've got a bazillion things to do. If you haven't read about it on FB, we decided to re-do our 1/2 bath and that among all my other projects and orders has kept me pretty busy. Hopefully you are getting ready to enjoy your summer, we sure are!

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Bridgette said...

I'm glad Jade is looking so good now. That is awful what happened to him. . .